Fieldcon: Otaku x Nature

Anime Punch continues to expand the concept of anime conventions by ascending to the next level by taking it outdoors. No sign of computers, no video games, no sound systems, and most importantly... no non-taku to be seen! Just otaku, trees, and the insanity and chaos you've been conditioned to expect from us!

Welcome to the world's first outdoor anime con, Fieldcon! The concept is simple, and if you can't figure it out then you're a dumbass and your opinions and thoughts are not valued by society. It's an all outdoor anime con, so bring a tent and a sleeping bag and leave your friends who don't like anime/fire/meat/swords/getting hurt behind!

This is a choose your own level of involvement type event, so whether you lounge around in camp chairs all weekend, or invent a new sport called "para-pickup-ski-fishing" it's up to you. For a number of very good reasons this event is 18+, but if you are under 18 but feel you can handle yourself appropriately, provide your own transportation, not bring your parents, but put them on a phone with me and have them convince us that you can come while we try to convince them that they are terrible parents, then email with your circumstances and we'll see about making an exception for you. This does not guarantee we will.

The events are subject to changes in schedule and descriptions are more of a guess. By "planning" fieldcon, we mostly mean buying supplies and studying first aid. If you have ideas for fieldcon, or want to bring something to the table, email us at that same email above!