Upcoming Events:

  1. Monday, February 20, 2017 to Tuesday

  2. Nerd Night: Presidents:
  3. 1978 Summit St, Columbus Ohio 43201
  4. Anime Punch Hosted Concert

  5. Presidential clips, and good ol' fashioned American fun!

  6. These events are 18+ and cover is only $1. Ruby Tuesday Live also sells delicious pizza until late for just $8 for a 12 inch pizza. Also ask about the Punch Pie - it's pretty excellent. Ruby Tuesday Live (the Campus area bar, not the restaurant) has partnered with Anime Punch to host a weekly Nerd Night! Every Monday from 9pm to 2am come out to Ruby Tuesday to hang out with other nerds, take in a rotating array of entertainment, movies, DJ’s, and Nerd-core bands, and have a drink! For more info check out our website animepunch.org , http://columbusnerdnight.com/ or go to Ruby Tuesday’s at http://www.rubytuesdaylive.com/ Come out out to have fun, and remember to tip your bartender! If you have a band that would like a venue, email us at info@animepunch.org