Upcoming Events:

  1. Friday, October 21, 2016 to Saturday

  2. Miss Hokusai Special Event:
  3. 1550 N High St, Columbus Ohio
  4. Anime Punch Partner Hosted Movie

  5. For this showing we will be presenting a brief introduction to ukiyo-e, the art style featured in the film prior to the screening. We hope that this will be an entertaining and enriching evening for you! Following the film we might keep the party go

  6. Miss Hokusai is a complex and rich story of an up and coming female Ukiyo-e artist in the edo period of Japan. This film was based on a manga composed of dozens of unrelated shorts, but expert director Keiichi Hara (whose movie "Colorful" was selected for awards at both the Mainichi Film Awards and the Annecy International Animated Film Festival) has turned its ironic look at life into a coherent film. In following the title character, who has found her way outside of the typical gender roles of the era, the film explores the beauty of the mundane, family, society, love, sex, friendship, and beyond. It's poetic approach is offset by the pan-faced tone of the main character, leading to a uniquely beautiful work of art.