Upcoming Events:

  1. March 2nd

  2. Nerd Night: Anime Abridged:
  3. Ruby Tuesday Live
  4. 3th Party Hosted Concert

  5. From Little Kuriboh to Team Four Star.

  6. From Little Kuriboh to Team Four Star.

  7. March 6th

  8. Maiden Japan:
  9. A Japanese themed EDM event
  10. The Summit, 2220 Summit Street
  11. Anime Punch Hosted Show

  12. A night of EDM music themed around Jpop, anime, and other Japanese stuff.

  13. Anime Punch has teamed up with the Maiden Japan guys to put together a monthly electronic music show themed around anime, J-Pop, J-Rock, and traditional Japanese music! We will be combining the current DJ's with a rotation of the best DJ's AP has on deck, as well as local up-and-comers each month to put on a great dance show! There will also be drink specials and video games to play. More details will be released shortly, but if you like EDM and Japanese stuff, this is the show for you!

  14. March 9th

  15. Nerd Night: Scotts Day!:
  16. All Scott, all night
  17. Ruby Tuesday Live
  18. Anime Punch Hosted Concert

  19. Scott is one of the three guys who works hard to bring Nerd Night to us every single week! It is his birthday, so the theme will be "Shit Scott Likes"

  20. Scott is one of the three guys who works hard to bring Nerd Night to us every single week! It is his birthday, so the theme will be "Shit Scott Likes"

  21. March 23rd

  22. Japan-Nite:
  23. 6 Japanese bands, one amazing night
  24. Ruby Tuesday Live
  25. Anime Punch Hosted

  26. One night featuring six of the best Japanese rock bands under one roof! Come for a world class concert in our quaint little town!

  27. The Japan-Nite tour is returning to Columbus for the third year in a row! Every year SXSW music festival in Austin is blessed with an exhibition of the latest and greatest up-and-coming Japanese rock acts, who then go on a short tour of the United States. We are proud to be able to host them here in the Mid-West! This event is ALL AGES and tickets are just $10 If you are under 18, you must have a legal guardian with you. Here are this years featured acts: TsuShiMaMiRe : This all girl rock trio plays a mix of punk rock, free jazz, ska, and funk. They have been described as funny and disturbing! http://tsushimamire.com/ QUORUM : A hard rock band of four young men with heavy Zep' and Hendrix influences. http://quorum-rock.com/ ZARIGANI$ : These two girls will be coming back for their second Japan-Nite! They are an energetic and fun Japanese noise bad, whose quirkiness and stage presence leaves an incredible impression! http://zariganidollar.com/ BO-PEEP: This female-lead band is best described as "Loud". They bring a new life to the riot-girl genre of rock with hard driving guitars and aggressive performances. http://www.bo-peep3.com/ The fin. : These four indie rockers from Kobe perform a synth/chillwave thing that if it were in English would probably be overplayed on CD1025 http://www.thefin.jp/ Samurai Dynamites: The best thing about this band is that they are called "Samurai Dynamites". The second best thing about them is their music, which is really good! It is a cool blend of folk instruments and punk rock, so think Gogol Bordello holding a katana! http://www.samuraidynamites.com/ Drinks are super cheap at $1.75 for wells, and $2 or $2.50 for some import and craft pints. They now take credit cards! Ruby Tuesday Live also sells delicious pizza all night, just $8 for a 12 inch pizza. Anime Punch is committed to the notion that fans don't just want to see great Japanese musical acts once a year at big conventions, and we do our best to bring act after act to Central Ohio for fans of all ages to enjoy throughout the whole year. Anime Punch does not take a dime of money for this service, and all proceeds go to the bands and to cover the production costs.

  28. April 3-5

  29. Armageddicon:
  30. Reborn
  31. Crowne Plaza Worthington
  32. Anime Punch Hosted Convention

  33. It's the con!

  34. The best con!