Upcoming Events:

  1. Monday, September 26, 2016 to Tuesday

  2. Nerd Night: Debate Battle Royale!:
  3. 1978 Summit St, Columbus Ohio 43201
  4. Anime Punch Hosted Concert

  5. Watch the political slugfest of your lifetime. Afterwards, skip the spin doctors and watch hilarious Trump and Hillary clips.

  6. Nerd Night is an 18+ event, and the cover at the door is only $1.\r\n\r\nRuby Tuesday Live also sells delicious pizza until late for just $8 for a 12 inch pizza. Also ask about the Punch Pie - it\\\'s pretty excellent.\r\n\r\nRuby Tuesday Live (the Campus area bar, not the restaurant) has partnered with Anime Punch to host a weekly Nerd Night! Every Monday from 9pm to 2am come out to Ruby Tuesday to hang out with other nerds, take in a rotating array of entertainment, movies, DJ’s, and Nerd-core bands, and have a drink!\r\n\r\nFor more info check out our website animepunch.org\r\n, http://columbusnerdnight.com/\r\nor go to Ruby Tuesday’s at http://www.rubytuesdaylive.com/\r\n\r\n\r\nCome out out to have fun, and remember to tip your bartender!