For ten years springtime in Columbus was synonymous with one thing for battle-hardened otaku: Armageddicon. Times have changed, however, and this year two other cons are in town within weeks of our late March/early April dates. While we would love it if our community could support an anime convention every few weeks, that is simply not the case and we made the difficult decision to tap-out rather than risk three events going bankrupt.

Until you spoke!

Since Ohayocon we have gotten daily messages asking us when we would be having our con, and encouraging us to push forward!! You guys are amazing, we have heard your call, and we shall answer it!!!

We are running a new style of anime convention this March! While the market leaves running a big con financially suicidal, we are stripping things down to the bare basics and throwing an anime get-together!

We will still have great panels and events, but we're skimping on guests and production costs. Basically all we are paying for is hotel space, and that leads us to the best part of this for you...

You pay what you want!

That's right! We DO still have some expenses, so please pay us something, but all pre-registrations are on a donation basis only! We much rather have you here having a great time than we would make you pick and choose which cons you can or can't afford to go have fun at!