A New Beginning

For a decade we have been running one of the most unique, daring, and innovative events in the fandom community. We have invented new technology, introduced dozens of events that are now seen at cons everywhere, and have built the most amazing community of fans on the planet.

This year we are tearing up our own playbook and taking it from the top. Ten years ago we sat down and said "How can we build the perfect anime con", and have expanded and refined that years product year after year. This time we are starting with a new blank slate, and will combine our senior staffs knowledge and connections with our freshman staffs drive and passion to start a whole new thing!

If you want to be a part of this epic project, hit us up! Whether you want to roll up your sleeves and chip in yourself, or just want to send us your ideas of what would make the event even more sweet, let it be done!

Give us your best shot and we'll see how far we can roll with it!