Fandom Amplified, Events Exemplified

Anime Punch is an organization for fans by fans. We love anime, sci-fi, music, fantasy, science and a whole lot more. More importantly, we love the community that loves that stuff! We are dedicated to hosting events for our fellow fans. Whether it be a weekly theme night at a bar, a monthly lecture, or big-ass annual convention everything we do has one purpose in mind: putting on a great event for fans to have a great time at!

Our site serves both to host the information on all of our events, but also to list anything else going on that fans are likely to like. View our upcomming events page, and if you know of something open to the public that isn't on there let us know ASAP so we can get it added to the list!

Together we will make Columbus America's best town to be a nerd in. A TARDIS on every corner, a Bat Signal on every rooftop, and a transforming robot in every garage!